Kirsten Scheid: let’s talk about us?

Kirsten Scheid

Natasha Gasparian

Patrick Haddad

Wassim Lababidi

Arev Papazian

Michael Schwerin

March 11, 2015 8:00 pm

As part of the round table program running in parallel to unfinished conversations exhibition, currently, on view at Beirut art center, Kirsten Scheid and students doing anthropology at AUB will organize a round table that addresses the question: how are Stuart hall’s theories of identity relevant to people living and exploring their own identity in Beirut?
Unfinished conversations is an exhibition that pays tribute to the British and Caribbean thinker, cultural theorist and sociologist, Stuart Hall. College students are in a special period of flux and opportunity for questioning where they have come from, whom they mix with, and where they want themselves and their societies to go. Some of AUB’s students have been using anthropology to revisit the history of identity studies, the nation-state, ethnicity, and to analyze different perspectives on gender, race, and class identities. What do they have to say to Hall and the artists at BAC about their thoughts on identity here, today? This round-table brings together Natasha Gasparian (art history), Patrick Haddad (English literature), Wassim Lababidi (engineering), Arev Papazian (anthropology), and Michael Schwerin (anthropology) to discuss identity through its constructions in their lives, its unfinishedness, its obligatoriness, its urgency, and its opaqueness.