A super 8mm film: Charbel Haber

Charbel Haber


Eric Baudelaire

Masao Adachi

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February 26, 2013 8:00 pm

A part of Beirut art center’s educational and outreach program, color club is a workshop that deals with how to operate super 8 cameras and hand process color reversal films. It is organized by Siska in conjunction with Eric Baudelaire’s exhibition, now here then elsewhere.

The five-day workshop culminates in a film produced by the participants. They will be working with Kodak Ektachrome 100d film, a format that is no longer being produced as of December 2012. Each participant will work with 3 minutes of film, devising, scripting, shooting, and then developing a scene. Edited together, the scenes will form a thirty-minute film that will be screened to the public at Beirut art center and the mansion.

The main characteristic of the film is the use of fukeiron which was conceived of by Masao Adachi, a Japanese filmmaker, and scriptwriter who first came to Lebanon in the early 1970s and was active with the red army faction during the war. It is a ‘theory of landscape’, a way of reading landscape’s many facets, from a site of fiction to a space for political engagement