Carte Blanche to Fouad Elkoury part 2: Sarah moon & l

Carte Blanche

Fouad El Khoury

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September 4, 2011 8:00 pm

In parallel with Fouad Elkoury’s solo exhibition, be…longing, Beirut art center has given carte blanche to the artist and photographer to propose a screening program on films made by photographers. The program, photographers’ films, will present films by photographers selected by Fouad elkoury every Wednesday for three weeks. Part 2 will present quatre contes de Sarah moon.

Quatre contes
circuss (French, 2004, b&w/color, 15′)
la sirène d’auderville (French, 2007, b&w/color, 24’50’’)
le fil rouge (French, 2005, b&w/color, 17’42’’)
l’effraie (French, 2003, b&w/color, 16’45’’)

With these four films, the photographer Sarah Moon adapts and revisits tales by Hans Christian Andersen (the little mermaidthe steadfast tin soldierthe little match girl) and by Charles Perrault (bluebeard). Reminiscences from cinematographic reading and writing intersect and place these tales from our heritage in the social reality of our era or a similar context. Sarah moon grips the viewer in an eerie, frightening, and often nostalgic universe that is accentuated by contrasting and extremely refined black and white images.

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