Fotos lamprinos: banquet d’anniversaire

Fotos Lamprinos

Georges Didi-Huberman

Arno Gisinger

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February 5, 2014 8:00 pm

Screening of banquet d’anniversaire by Fotos Lamprinos

Georges Didi-Huberman and Arno Gisinger are conceiving a program of parallel events in which videoworks born out of the Lebanese milieu meet with a selection of “atlas of images” emerging from different contexts. Ali Cherri’s the disquiet (2003), which premiered at the Toronto film festival 2013 and won the best director award in the Dubai film festival 2013, will be screened for the first time in Lebanon. The event will also consist of a short presentation by the artist and a Q&A session.

Fotos lamprinos, banquet d’anniversaire (histoire muette des Balkans), Greece, 67’, 1995. Greek, subtitled in French.

Fotos Lamprinos studied cinema at the vgik in Moscow with Mikhail Romm. He is a Greek documentary maker who has produced over 300 works. Banquet d’anniversaire (histoire muette des balkans) is a kind of atlas of the origins of Balkan cinema. Having worked with source materials for Theo Angelopoulos’ films, he has developed a deep knowledge of these archives. Current events, urban dramas, comedies, bucolic vaudevilles, as well as films by the manakia brothers, predecessors of Balkan cinema, find their way into banquet d’anniversaire. Today there are other cinemas, other places, everywhere in Europe, but the theaters are empty, in ruins, deserted.