Jean-Pierre Rehm at BAC

Jean-Pierre Rehm

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July 24, 2013 8:00 pm

In the context of the solo exhibition Jean-Luc Moulène – works, Beirut art center is inviting Jean-Pierre Rehm to make a presentation around the exhibition and to propose a video screening program.

Metran men hada al-turab / two meters of this land (Ahmad Natche, 80′, 2012) «two meters of this land are enough for me now», wrote the Palestinian poet Mahmoud darwish. Very close to his tomb in Ramallah —during a summer evening—, some people are preparing a music festival in an open-air theater that will be broadcast on TV.

One, two, many (Manon De Boer, 2012, 22′) the film one, two, many is made up of three performances: a flute piece with continuous breathing, a spoken monologue, and a song by four singers in front of an audience. Starting from a different audiovisual perspective, each section explores the existential space of the voice. Connecting the three performances are the central themes of the individual’s body, listening to the other, and finding the right distance for multiple voices in a social space.