Lynn Kodeih: of heroes, football and all that remains of my childhood

Lynn Kodeih

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December 11, 2013 8:00 pm

In of heroes, football and all that remains of my childhood, Lynn Kodeih revisits the visual culture of the Arab 1980’s generation, discussing the “im-possible revolution” in Lebanon.

By appropriating and manipulating various materials such as drawings, publications, and excerpts from children’s TV shows (Télé Liban’s Aalam Al Sighar, Japanese animés e.g. Grendizer and Al-Rajol Al Hadidiy or dinosaur war Aizenborg, etc.), the work explores the political experience of several Lebanese individuals. Through collecting and maneuvering parts of their stories, Kodeih examines the almost-cliche concepts of belonging, heroism, enmity, resistance, martyrdom, and liberation. The result is a poetic visual essay about a country torn by hope and impossibility.