Bernhard Braunstein & Lucile Chaufour: sleeping image

Bernhard Braunstein

Lucile Chaufour

Arno Gisinger

Georges Didi-Huberman

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March 5, 2014 8:00 pm

Screenings · Bernhard Braunstein & Lucile Chaufour: sleeping image

Georges Didi-Huberman and Arno Gisinger are conceiving a program of parallel events in which videoworks born out of the Lebanese milieu meet with a selection of “atlas of images” emerging from different contexts.

Sleeping image by Bernhard Braunstein et Lucile Chaufour

France-austria, 27’, 2013. German and French, subtitled in English.

This is a “film-experience” that lets us see the development of 25 polaroids and the imagination they contain: mountains, lakes, and deserts gently spread their lines, the shadows grow. The characters appear in a dreamlike condition where their inner worlds and landscapes meet. In a continuous, fluid motion, the film offers a way through a hostile and fascinating world, where violence, suffering, and sorrow stand alongside hope and a fighting spirit.