Sharjah Biennial 13 · Tamawuj: An Unpredictable Expression of Human Expression

October 14, 2017 - January 19, 2018 11:00 am

pedro barateiro& quinn latimer · sabrina belouaar · mohamed bourouissa · cj clarke& christopher ian smith · jesse darling · sara van der heide · laura henno · randa maroufi · rayane m’cirdi · dala nasser · younes rahmoun · mostafa saifi rahmouni · gaëlle choisne · wendelien van oldenborgh · eric van hove · eric baudelaire

curator: hicham khalidi
associate curator: natasha hoare
part of sharjah biennial 13, tamawuj – act II

rather than asking for solutions and sketching utopias, an unpredictable expression of human potential seeks to respond to the present global moment, one in which a paradigmatic shift can be tasted in the air, where young people are frustrated and protesting against decisions imposed on them by older generations, to an inheritance they did not ask for and did not shape.

act II is the concluding program of the sharjah biennial 13: tamawuj, featuring exhibitions, performances, talks, films and publications taking place in beirut between 14 and 22 october 2017.

act II is co-organized by sharjah art foundation and the lebanese association for plastic arts, ashkal alwan.

Daily Screening Schedule

also known as jihadi

eric baudelaire, 2017 (120’)
12pm / 4pm

new town utopia
christopher ian smith, 2017 (33’)

eric van hove, 2016-ongoing (44’)
2.40pm / 6.30pm

from left to night
wendelien van oldenborgh, 2015 (34’)
3.25pm / 7.15pm