Small Talks Around The Tables

June 3, 2024 - June 3, 2024

Join us on Tuesday 4 June at 5PM for “Small talks around the tables”, a series of conversations that Karine Wehbé has organised around her work Phase 1: We, humans are species very finely attuned to our physical environment which was commissioned by Beirut Art Center for the exhibition Foreshadows. The monthly conversations will each take place in connection to a desk within the installation, which reflects a specific time period in Beirut where she shared different projects and works with the invited guests.
For the first conversation on 4 June 2024, Karine has invited Wadih Safieddine. It will take place around her second desk which spans the years 1997 – 2002.

Wadih Safieddine was born in Beirut and raised in Paris. He established a diverse career in journalism, music, art and television. Safieddine founded two production houses before partnering with Déjà vu and crafting iconic commercials for the region in 2014. Earning recognition at international film festivals, he was selected as a Global Media Makers fellow in 2022 and is currently developing original TV and cinema projects.