Architecture and the political: Lau’s fourth international symposium on architectural theory

November 11, 2011 7:00 pm

12:00–1:30 session 5
Nadir Lahiji
Is building the practice of dissensus? Architecture between aesthetics and politics
Kimberly Sims
The subject as object: reification and design in the age of the post-political
Kenton Card
Between ethical and police architects: interpreting an ethnography on ethical architects with rancière’s politics

1:30–2:30 lunch break

2:30–4:00 session 6
Dorita Hannah
Constructing barricades: politics of the event and ‘weak architecture’
Koen Van Synghel
Bylex’ tourist city or utopia as the prefiguration of architecture & politics
Nadia Anderson
Design activism: re-politicizing architecture in the contemporary city

4:00–4:30 coffee break

4:30–6:00 session 7
Beshir Kenzari
Those who had no part
Elie Harfouche
Political-architectural interfaces: embassies in post-reunification berlin
Aurel Von Richthofen
Muscat capital area – urbanism at the intersection of politics and space

6:00–7:00 symposium conclusion

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