Walid Sadek · Place at Last

Walid Sadek

January 28, 2010 - April 9, 2010

Beirut art center is proud to present the first major solo exhibition by Lebanese artist and writer walid sadek in Lebanon, place at last. the exhibition features works elaborated by sadek since 2004, which include printed texts, silk-screened texts on walls as well as floor and wall objects. the exhibited works constitute three related clusters which represent a summation of sadek’s research in art and writing into the conditions of living a protracted civil-war.

the first cluster, titled learning to see less, traces an itinerary for eyes, stamped with violence, that learn to see the world through near-blindness. the second, titled love is blind, approaches the duration of a protracted civil-war as a maker of un-hopeful survivors inhabiting intimate ruins. the third cluster, mourning in the presence of the corpse, considers whether the work of mourning can be initiated in the presence of an object in excess, namely a non-communal corpse, and whether we can learn to linger with the unbridgeable sufferance of the other.