War-Torn Ecologies: Resistant Worlds

June 29, 2024 - June 29, 2024

War-Torn Ecologies: Resistant Worlds is a multidisciplinary artistic programme, taking place in London and Beirut. The project is inspired by the book “War-torn ecologies, Anarchic Fragments: Reflections from the Middle East” (2023) by Umut Yildirim. Extending from this, the programme focuses on the impact of perpetual colonial realities and counterinsurgency wars on ecologies in the Middle East. By engaging with artistic and ecological practices, it emphasises the relationship between human and more-than-human worlds as a methodology to counter ongoing colonial and imperialist systems of mass violence.

In a region often characterised by sectarian violence, “terrorism”, corruption, and resource exploitation, imaginative ecological practices continue to emerge through the cracks of occupation and war. Unfolding across multiple geographies, in physical and digital space, this programme brings together experimental and artistic practices which embody vital active solidarities. In turn, these create openings which resist and push back against the incapacitating effects of this violence.

War-Torn Ecologies: Resistant Worlds is curated by Odessa Warren, Umut Yildirim, Reem Shadid (Beirut Art Center)Siegrun Salmanian and Angelina Radaković (The Mosaic Rooms).

The programme will open at The Mosaic Rooms 27-29 June and resume at Beirut Art Centre in September 2024.

 More details and full programme to be announced soon.

Design by Rand Hamdallah.