C Barani: ecriture du hasard et approche documentaire

Christian Barani

May 8, 2012 8:00 pm

Writing of the random and documentary approaches given by Christian Barani, video director

“We work on the notion of experience and drifting (psycho-geography…); how to construct with chance, to construct a film without prior (knowledge), without a scenario; no longer thinking about the film inside its studio, but simply living things; to land up in front of the given and how to capture it without being concerned about after, just living the moment. Simply make a film by filming. But faced with recovering this great freedom, it is necessary to give oneself some rules to play by and to put in place a form. The form results from experience and is no longer researched beforehand. Never shoot the same sequence twice, in order to lead us to become aware of the importance of images, of the importance of representing the other. How the use of improvisation puts us face to face with our responsibilities. Rethink this academic/administrative connection between fiction and documentary. Think differently, in a more collective way about the creation process: no more every man for himself. Do something together.”

Requirements: having a video practice. For students and the general public. Please come with a video camera, a camera or a mobile phone if possible

Thursday May 10, at 7 pm, auditorium: presentation to the public.

This workshop is organized in the framework of the event ‘rencontres a beyrouth – rencontres Internationales Paris/berlin/Madrid’

Born in 1959, Christian Barani lives and works in Paris. He is the founder of the image in movement department at the Ecole Nationale supérieure de création Industrielle in Paris, where he taught directing for 17 years. He is the co-founder of estceunebonnenouvelle, a structure for the distribution of artist videos, a collection that brings together more than 500 works. His artistic work questions and deconstructs documentary codes, through an experience that involves a body/camera in space, contradicting the classic distinction between documentary and fiction. He makes movies, installations, and performances. his work has been screened and exhibited in numerous festivals, museums, and art centers in Europe, notably at centre Pompidou, jeu de paume, lieu unique in Nantes, musac Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon, and the Reina Sofia. He has directed numerous films produced and distributed by Arte.