Chafa Ghaddar: space. surface. trace space. surface. trace

Chafa Ghaddar

November 21, 2015 - November 23, 2015

In the context of Giuseppe Penone’s solo show breath is a sculpture, Beirut art center is inviting Lebanese artist Chafa Ghaddar to lead a three-day workshop around the notion of the trace. Her research and practice, whether in contemporary art or commercial projects, focus on the trace and the different approaches to intervene on walls and surfaces. The workshop will take place at Beirut art center and in a triple-arched house on Spears Street in Hamra.

On the first day, we will explore the notion of the trace and its representation in different art practices, contemporary and otherwise. Chafa Ghaddar will present works by Claudio Parmiggiani, Gordon Matta-Clark, Giuseppe Penone, as well as her own. Special emphasis will be placed on spaces in ruins, the dimension of time, and the notion of home.  The second day will be spent in a late-ottoman, triple-arched house that’s been left, partially, in disrepair. Participants will engage in a “promenade architecturale,” experience the space as it unfolds in the fourth dimension, and think about possible interventions on its surfaces. The last day will take place at BAC, where the participants will share their findings, reflections, and possible projects that could be developed for the site.

Chafa Ghaddar is a Lebanese artist, who was born in July 1986 in the south of Lebanon. she currently lives in Beirut. Ghaddar completed her studies at the alba, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in 2007, and a master’s degree in visual art in 2009. In February and March 2012, she attended an intensive course in fresco and traditional painting techniques in Florence. Painting, murals mostly, is a major part of her art practice. For five years now, she has been developing a freelance career in wall painting and surface finishing, in which she tries to cross the boundary between decorative painting and contemporary art. Through her work, she raises questions about what happens when natural painting techniques face contemporary practices, as she explores different processes in intimate and current contexts. She participated in several collective exhibitions including exposure 2012 at Beirut art center, on fleeting grounds at Galerie Janine Rubeiz in January 2013, journeys through our heritage at Beirut exhibition center in July 2013, and nostalgic imagery at Galerie Janine Rubeiz in September 2014.