Hauke Harder: Alvin Lucier sound and space

Alvin Lucier

Hauke Harder

April 28, 2016 4:00 pm

Daniel Wolf, composer, musicologist, and former student of Alvin Lucier once emphasized in an article, Alvin Lucier: A composer in the Gallery, the importance of space for Lucier’s works and why many pieces are realized in art spaces rather than concert halls. The propagation, overlapping and interference of sound waves in space are one central part of Lucier’s works and therefore the acoustics of the architectural space becomes an intrinsic part of the work. The distribution of sounds in space not only leads to unexpected sound effects but it also poses a challenge for the performers to deal with. This workshop/seminar expands on this concept and offers examples of this conception and outlines the problems encountered in realizing such works. Additionally, it demonstrates the various acoustical effects that might be produced throughout.