Philippe Blanchard & Pierre Jolivet: seminars

Pierre Jolivet

Philippe Blanchard

March 3, 2012 4:00 pm

Beirut art center is pleased to present two seminars by industrial music pioneers Philippe Blanchard and Pierre Jolivet:

Philippe Blanchard: art of sound, from luigi russolo to the symbiotic musician
a presentation.

Lieutenant caramel was born May 24, 1961 somewhere in France. Philippe Blanchard composes his music in his personal studio acteon, now studio forum in Annecy, in the French Alps. He’s also the founding member the noise of snow festival in Annecy. He defines himself as a hunter of sounds, and collects the resonant matters from his different journeys (Syria, Iran, and Roma, Venice, Madrid, Samarkand or Madrid). He has won awards from several international competitions: gmeb in Bourges, France, the luigi russolo prize in Italy, radio France, la muse in circuit (mauricio kagel prize), and cimes-fics in Prague. He received the radio France international award “hunters of sounds” in 2000 for “captain cook”.

Pierre Jolivet altitude: hydrophonic exploration at titicaca, peru
a presentation.
Pierre Jolivet originally from Paris, is an artist who’s currently based in Dublin, Ireland. Pierre started as a French pioneer, under the moniker of pacific 231, in the industrial / power electronics musical fields before moving into more ambient and abstract sounds. his works now explores the very limit of sound and space, especially through his new multimedia performances: stif(f)le and im’shi. in 2010, he became part of the luigi russolo jury, a prestigious international award in acousmatic music created in 1979 by gian franco maffina and Rossana maggia with the participation of françois bayle and Pierre schaeffer. currently, he’s teaching multimedia at ucd architecture and started a PhD in brainwave & sensorial perception (smartlab research institute).

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