Reine Mahfouz and Ziad Halwani: let’s squat urbacraft™!

Reine Mahfouz

Ziad Halwani

June 28, 2015 3:00 pm

Beirut art center is hosting an exhibition and workshops dedicated to urbacraft city crafting system. Designed and made in Beirut by Ayssar Arida and Sabine De Maussion, urbacraft is the first construction toy to focus on urbanity and not just on architecture.

How would you like to be shrunk to 1:64 scale and live inside a miniature city? Reine Mahfouz and ziad halwani will install a “nomadic studio” at BAC design.
First, the participants of the workshop will build a small neighborhood with urbacraft. They will imagine scenes of daily life in their little district, and Reine and Ziad will photograph them acting them out. The photos will be printed in miniature and inserted into the urbacraft set, as a way to inhabit it and create unexpected interactions.
The nomadic studio kit is both a playful and artistic initiative and an implementation of the “–craft” potentiality of urbacraft.