Studio Kawakeb: connect

studio Kawakeb

October 7, 2016 5:00 pm

Entrance: 10$
For children aged 10 years and above

The wooden sifter in this workshop will serve as a sheet for participants to connect different threads of thought. They will be asked to do this by mapping out their daily journeys within the city, or within a specific area, connecting their memories in different times and spaces on one sheet. They will be weaving their journeys by connecting different shapes, lines, and colors on their wooden sifter. Participants will be introduced to different embroidery techniques, as well as different patterns, color palettes, and the different ways of creating a visual mapping system.

This workshop is the first of a series of three workshops by studio Kawakeb that focus on using the same object, a wooden sifter, in three different ways, changing the functionality of this object. Participants will be asked to alter this forgotten object from our cuisine by using threads and other materials to reimagine it in other contexts. The three workshop sessions focus on three different themes related to embroidery, which are: connect, embellish, hide/reveal.