Otobong Nkanga · Landversation Beirut

Otobong Nkanga

February 10, 2016 - April 2, 2016

landversation beirut is a project by otobong nkanga that will be exhibited at beirut art center for 2 months. originally presented in 31st sao paulo biennal, brazil (landversation 2014), the project sets out to explore and compare the complex relationship between the human subject and land in lebanon. landversation beirut deals with the contradictory ways in which we inhabit the earth and are dependent on it and the dichotomy of how those two ways of dealing with it two connect.

by availing ourselves of and profiting from this planet’s abundant fertility we haphazardly contribute to its exhaustion, thereby creating huge imbalances that undermine its ability to continue. in response to this destruction we constantly look for palliatives, measures to repair and negate the very damage we have forced upon it. this exhibition seeks to provide a space to sit for a moment and reflect, a space to consider the various possibilities surrounding this ever-complex relationship and perhaps, most important of all, a space for discourse.

With the support of Peter and Nathalie Hrechdakian, Galerie In Situ, and Anonymous